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Tempering valves in Melbourne

Homeowners in Melbourne use hot water systems extensively due to the chilly climate here. However, safety measures are necessary too, so that you avert the danger of potential scalding due to excessively hot water. This is where tempering valves find their application.
These valves bring down the temperature of the water to safe levels by mixing hot and cold water. Whether you need new tempering valves installed or your old ones fixed, our plumbers in Melbourne can help you. With plenty of experience in handling tempering valves, they can provide you with quality services.

Why do you need tempering valves?

In tank storage hot water systems, bacteria can grow in the stored water if the temperature is low. Hence, the Australian regulations have specified 60-degree Celsius as the minimum temperature for the water stored in a hot water system. However, such temperatures can potentially cause damage to human skin due to excessive heat. This explains why it is mandatory to maintain the temperature of water coming out of taps, showers, etc. below 50-degree Celsius.
While sometimes the water may cool down while passing through the pipes, it is still risky. The tempering valves remain in the outlet system and receive inlet pipes of hot water and cold water. If the hot water is above 50 degrees, the valve would allow cold water to mix with it, eventually lowering the temperature.

Are professional services really important?

Professional Plumbers

It is highly advisable to not make any compromises when it comes to safety. A fault in the tempering valves can easily pose a hazard, leading to burn injuries. When you hire expert plumbers to install tempering valves in Melbourne, they would take care to ensure zero faults. You might also want to hire professionals to test your tempering valves, repair or replace them if required. If you are looking for quality services from established professionals, call us at PlumbFirst Melbourne on 1300 168 832.

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